Our Team

We are highly skill team has enough potential to process design & developed in area of providing solution & upgradtion of any running and new plant set-up without installation.

Management Team:

Management team has two key persons :
1. Vanadna Sharma –Director -Good experience in service industry as in administration & business development area.
2 . Mr Sharma –Tech adviser B.E mechanical engineering graduate in mechanical with MBA degree in operations management having good experience around eleven years in automotive ,magement and WCM (world class manufacturing systems )

Working Team :

3. Mr. Akhilesh –Head of Marketing & customer support –B.E electronics having good experience in telecom & power industry solution based in O& M division and problem correction.
4. Mr Sandeep –Head –IT & systems –B.E computer science & engg –having good exposure in software development and IT support .

Management Expectations

Proper functioning of all departments with group and organization level feel motivated towards common goals of objective & vision.
(To provide continuous solution with given our best for solution to all industries without installation after final assessment for setting).

Project Management

We are strive to provide solution for process deign & development of Automotive, services, logistics and others management based).
The Excesco technologies Code of Conduct sets our approach to ethical and sustainable business practice and is based on the highest ethical standards.
It outlines our commitment to environmentally sustainable business, respect and promotes human rights and fair workplace practices, equal opportunities, and our zero-tolerance policy on unfair trade practices.